Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sagittarius - A Seeker of the Truth

Sagittarius © Taylor Barnes 2010

Sagittarius is an interesting sign to welcome us into winter. They respect truth above all else and avidly seek independent thinking. In the cold darkness of winter truth is obvious - there is no time to be languid about the decisions we make. In ancient times winter was dangerous and carried the threat of death. Only in the light and warmth of spring did we experience rebirth and celebration of another year. So is it any wonder that Sagittarius is a sign that seeks truth and ideas? It is internal and self-motivated. Between now and spring we are dominated by signs like Capricorn - that make rules, Aquarius - who dream big dreams, and Pisces - who invent the future through their psychic connection to humanity. Sagittarius is an extension of the winter pattern of internal thinking and psychic exploration that begins with Scorpio. But unlike Scorpio, Sagittarius does not tolerate secrets or deception, they want facts and truth.

Sagittarius is a fire sign and concerned with creativity and expression of ideas. Aries and Leo are fire signs also but each one expresses their energy along the lines of tkarmic evolution through the signs of the zodiac - Sagittarius being the most evolved. The more evolved Sagittarius focuses on high ideals and expressing the truest good of humanity - the less evolved will be self-righteous and concerned with their individual idea of the truest good of humanity.

All of this exploration into astrology does have some bearing upon how human beings have adapted to survive our environment. As we gain control  over our environment we have less connection to or threat from nature, resulting in a loss of our sense of rhythm with nature. The blood in our veins and the chemicals in our brains still respond to the changes in nature just as it was for our ancestors, so it would behoove us all to pay attention to where we evolved from. 

How often you have spent a vacation far from the city and experienced the awe of a truly black night only lit by stars? Or felt the calmness that descends upon your body as you sit on a beach and listen to the waves beat upon the shore. That is who we are and as we move away from that connection some of our humanity is being lost too. 

When I examine the signs of the zodiac it is not so much from a belief in astrology but more from a curiosity about the mindset of ancient man and what they were observing in nature. I can gain a glimpse into the mind of ancient man from observing history, philosophy and science. I try to remain open - not naive - but analytical. I have not bought the "technology is God" idea. I wish to believe that some day the laws of nature and the laws of technology will meet in the middle and truly improve the quality of life.