Monday, July 18, 2011

I am the manifester...

I recently designed a book and a website for my wonderful friend Tobi Ellison. The journey I took while creating this book with Ellison has been personally transformational. It is a testimony to the power of personal visualization and powerful intention. Ellison's system for changing your thinking and accepting that the universe is constantly working to realize your requests is brilliant in its simplicity!

What I love most about his book are the personal stories of people manifesting their desires on small and large levels. It is inspiring to think how powerful the human mind and spirit is. One point that Ellison makes again and again, is that the universe does not care what you want it simply recognizes your intention.

I started painting again with the intention of resurrecting my love of creating with my hands and realizing a lifestyle that affords me time to do that. With that in mind I watch what I think on a daily basis now because I am manifesting at every moment!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Sugarholics Nightmare...

If you eat massive amounts of sugar will you turn into something sweet and desirable? I doubt it. What is much more likely is that you will turn into something undesirable. This illustration shows the worst possible scenario if "you are what you eat."

illustration by Taylor Barnes - L7 Studio