Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The End of the World and Angel Visits

Egyptian Angel by Taylor Barnes @ 2010

Of course I have to pose this question now. I tried to avoid it. I tried to ignore it. I tried to discount it. Then today, while getting my morning coffee from the local coffee shop, this is the conversation I overheard:

Young, cute, 20-something girl talking to scruffy bearded 20-something guy:
"I plan to spend the last week of my life in church praying all day. Do you want to come? There is plenty of room in God's house."

Guy: "Nah. If that's gonna be my last week on earth I plan to spend it somewhere in the dessert trippin' my balls off."

This little snippet of conversation got me to thinking about the very thing that I did not want to think about before my first cup of coffee - immortality and our very existence. Lately it seems my world is a confluence of strange spiritual concepts. There is the idea of spiritual self-determination, that my every thought manifests my reality. There is the idea of the universe and it's omnipotent power over all of us and that has a sense of fatalism to it. And then there are angels...

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine asked me if I would mind if she sent some angels to visit me. I felt like it was a strange concept to wrap my head around but at the same time I have had some profound spiritual events in my life that maybe could only be attributed to the actions of angels... so why not? It seems the angels have a very precise schedule, they travel for 5 days and stay for 5 days. So mine are not due to arrive for a few more days. But I am anticipating this event on several levels.

The days my angels will visit is roughly the week before the world ends. Hmmm - seems advantageous but not the point to focus on. This visit has also caused me to examine intent. Is the power of our intention, focused as a group, so powerful that it can manifest our reality? What does that say about the end of the world? An entire planet of people anticipating and visualizing the end of the world. Meanwhile I have my angels visiting. Talk about a conflict of ideas.

My angels are supposed to give me hope and guidance. I am supposed to make three wishes and let the angels help to manifest them. This is a big responsibility. Remember the fairy tales and the people who squandered their three wishes? I certainly do not want to end up with unexpected consequences to my selfish motives! How I could not wish for the saving of the planet? And what else could I possibly wish for on a personal level that would be so important? A new car, or a trip to Italy seem trivial in comparison to saving the world. I want to be selfish and throw caution to the wind by saying the world will be just fine and we will all wake up on December 22nd to a bright and shiny world. No matter how I rationalize it I still have this idea looming over me... the end of the world.

Intent is everything. So in my quest to come up with the perfect wishes I've come back to intent. The couple in the conversation above represent two perspectives on the end of the world; one is intent upon saving their soul and the other is intent upon living in the moment. Both perspectives are valid to the individual.

Isn't this the energy that art is created from?

My intent is that life thrive and continue every time I pick up a paintbrush. I am hopeful that an audience will be there to appreciate the work when it is finished. My wish is that we love and live well and not at the cost of the planet or others. So I would say, if the angels can manage this, some enlightenment for humanity and a new car for me (preferably one that is not harmful to the environment) would be nice.