Monday, July 19, 2010

Staring at the white page...

White Three Panel Painting, Robert Rauschenberg 1951

Here I am again – staring at the white page. The white page, or the blank white posting box, is possibly the most unnerving thing an artist or writer can face. Perhaps the abstract expressionist painters, such as Robert Rauschenberg, had the right idea - see the beauty in the white space.

When I begin a project I have very noble aspirations but my first mark on the page reveals the long journey of creation that is before me. Over the years I have developed a bag-of-tricks to help me get through this initial launch of an idea. I make lists, lots and lots of lists. I research my list ideas and then I make new lists. But at some point I have to stop because what was once a productive activity has become a huge time waster.

What next? Clean the house of course! Do the dishes, catch up on the laundry... you get the idea. It is painful to dive into the creative abyss. And then I do...

Once I dive in I wonder why I waited so long. I get in the flow, my mind starts to hum and I go into that space where the work is no longer about me but about the process and whatever it is that I am trying to channel.

Maybe this post was a little boring but I had to fill the white page with something.


  1. This was an inspiring post. I am now not as afraid to face the white space =)

  2. nice post,I really like your last sentence.

  3. I have been procrastinating lately and I don't know why. I love what you wrote and I am working to decrease the amount of time staring at that blank white space.

  4. the last sentence = genius :)

  5. What do you think comes first. The blank page, or the blank mind? Do we start with nothing to say, or is it that the blankness of a page truly intimidates us?