Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On Being Brain Dead...

It is self-indulgent, egotistical and boring to write about your inability to come up with an idea to write but that is exactly what I am doing. 'Brain Dead' is the feeling I have when I search my brain for signs of life and nothing is there.

My focus is off - I am thinking about crafting with pictures, not words. But it could be that this blog post has been particularly difficult to write because I am sitting in the midst of my classroom, full of students who are antsy and ready to move on to some summer leisure. They are throwing comments with spitfire speed, and random associating ideas to the point that my head spins.

Which brings me to the point of this post - if you can't train yourself to hold one thought, and let it ferment with all of the other random knowledge in your mind, you will end up like me - right now - Brain Dead.

Focus - in a society that lauds multi-tasking, instant gratification and lightening speed communication, focus is in short supply. If I could market it I would be a millionaire! We are not going to slow down so I have to wonder how we are going to preserve artistry and craftsmanship? Will it become the loss of our technological age?

Lately I have been fascinated by the retro sci-fi look of shows such as Firefly and Warehouse 13 and the whole Steampunk movement. I love the "H.G. Wells meets our present society" concept. It seems that we have a desire to embrace the beauty of what we have created in the past and blend it with our future.

I have faith that we will get through this crush of technology and fashion a livable model where we maintain our humanity and use the tools of technology for "good and not evil."

Hmmmm - it seems I wasn't so Brain Dead after all. I guess I will have to re-title this post.

The photo above was taken from an article in Time Magazine about the Steampunk movement.

An image with a distinct Steampunk influence on the show Warehouse 13 on the SciFi channel.

Firefly is a short-lived, but classic sci-fi show by Joss Whedon - you can find it on Netflix.

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  1. Haha thank you for acknowledging the extremely disturbed people we are. =)