Monday, October 3, 2011


Yes, I said arrogance. I have been giving this some thought while I consider reinventing myself as a designer. I am amazed as I look around me how limited the thinking with some designers. If they have been designing for any length of time there is bound to be some arrogance, a sense of "I know what's what!"

I am guilty as charged but as I delve into the world of app design I can see, yet again, that all the rules are changing and I will never know "what's what." So today I encourage all of us to embrace change and open up creatively to all the possibilities of how we can create art in this new world. The are no absolutes.

The rules of good design still apply but the reasons we do what we do and the way we disseminate information is changing daily. It has been said that the digital world is a bit like the new frontier - a wild free for all. So arrogance will only be a hindrance if you want to grow as an artist. If you think there is only one right way to do things - think again.

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  1. Arrogance is everywhere! Glad to hear from you again =)